American Idol Judge

American Idol Judge

Randy Jackson was an obvious choice when he was cast as one of the American Idol judges (along with Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell) back in 2002. Jackson has over 25 years of experience in the music industry, writing songs, playing the bass, performing on tours, managing bands and recording, producing and marketing albums of various artists.

On the show, Jackson serves as the “cool judge.” He is known for commenting with the slang term “dawg” and “dawg pound,” particularly when soothing contestants after Simon Cowell has brutally commented on a performance. Randy Jackson can sometimes be an unpredictable judge. Compared to Paula Abdul who acts like a mother to the contestants, finding it hard to give negative comments and Simon Cowell who can easily comment on a contestant’s singing, attitude or appearance harshly, yet truthfully, Jackson judges diplomatically. He can be as brutal as Simon Cowell in one second and then soothe the contestants’ feelings like Paula the next minute.

As a musician, Randy Jackson often appreciates contestants who sing while playing the guitar, piano or other instruments during their performance. Since Jackson continues producing, recording and managing artists while working on American Idol, Jackson can tell if a contestant’s performance is “hot” or not and his comments are usually on the nail.

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